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Online Yoga classes - Guidelines for practicing at home

Keywords for your practice should be non-violence, honesty, patience, optimism and non-attachement.

Focus on self-awareness, selecting the option that feels best for your body (i.e. you can feel something is happening, your hips, heart and head are aligned, you can breathe freely and you are not in pain!). Practicing yoga regularly is therapeutic in a way that you will develop flexibility and strength over time, not by rushing it or pushing too hard. 

***If you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition, please contact your doctor before starting a new type of exercise. ***

I also welcome any questions or comments on the sequences I share, as I may be able to advise some other options for poses. Please do get in touch. 

Video class library

If you want to see what my classes are like, or would like to practice on your own, check out:



Below are some photos of my own practice and yoga inspired good times.

There are no pictures of the classes I run as I am reluctant to bring a camera into the practice room.