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A mindfulness practice on the Wild Atlantic Way

Green Blue Yoga


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June 2023

***  4 week pass valid till 9th June, 50€ in person / 44€ online - Book now: (pay-as-you-go option available) ***

💙 SUP Yoga (on standup paddleboard) 💦

          1h30 sessions available everyday in Derrynane Harbour at 8:30am and Waterville Lough Currane or Caherciveen Marina at 10am and 4pm - 30€ per person or 4 for 100€. 

A relaxing session suitable for complete beginners to yoga and paddle board. No experience necessary. All equipment provided. 

Instant booking online here for Derrynane or via Sea Sinergy for Waterville Lough Currane. 

You can also contact me for alternative times or a session on your own board.  

More details on SUP yoga here

🪷 Caherdaniel - Vinyasa flow based on ashtanga primary series 🔥

           Mondays 6:30-7:45pm

Dynamic, heat rising practice, the sequence will be loosely based on ashtanga primary series, where we move with the breath, holding postures for 5 breaths. It is accessible to complete beginners as options are provided to suit your level of mobility, but it does feel more like a workout than a slow practice. 😅

Therefore it brings the most results in terms of building strength and flexibility, and provides the opportunity to clear the mind as the focus is on the body, while using the breath to ease ourselves into the practice. 🌬️A must try for anyone practicing another demanding sport who needs to reduce strain injuries, or anyone who needs a mindful active workout.

🪷 Online - Vinyasa flow yoga 🤸‍♂

          Fridays 9:15-10am

A flowing class based on your needs - refining range of motion, stretching or strengthening, focusing or letting go - never twice the same! and always with your wellbeing at heart 💕

🪷 Dromid - Unwind & relax hatha yoga ☯️

          Available on request (min. 5pp)

A very gentle class, at a slow pace, nurturing body and mind, and introducing the basic principles of yoga asana, pranayama, yama and niyama 🙏


☯️ Private classes for groups or individuals available on request 🌳🎋

You can find more details on the styles of yoga I teach here or follow along one of the recorded classes on the Video page.

Before you come to your first class with me, I'll need you to complete a registration form please.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

Yours in yoga

Julie 💚GreenBlueYoga💙

Class schedule

About Green Blue Yoga

Urdhva Tadasana
Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Chaturanga Dandasana
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Urdhva Tadasana
Yoga TTC Opening ceremony
Julie Yoga Certificate India
Yoga adjustement
Yoga adustment Halasana
Viparita Karani Yoga adjustment
adho mukha svanasana adjustment
Asana class
Yoga Glanleam beach

Green Blue Yoga in person: Julie Pujol

Back in 2007, I attended my first yoga class, looking for a form of exercise that may alleviate shoulder cramps and lower back pain. Did yoga change my life? Maybe... As I kept on practicing, I gained flexibility, muscle tone and a new self-awareness. I learnt to observe my life in a kind, assertive and trusting way. I had started building a career in IT, working with people all over the world for multinational corporations but realised this didn't really suit me. So in 2017,  I traveled to India to train as yoga teacher and relocated from Cork to South Kerry to pursue the life I had dreamed of as a child.

Today, I live in a most beautiful place, among wild natural landscapes and a wonderful community. I am ever so grateful to yoga for providing me with a deeper connection to myself, unlocking the self-confidence to find my own way, and I hope to share some of these many benefits through teaching.

Oh, and by the way, I am French, settled in Ireland since 2005. When I chose the name Green Blue Yoga, I was simply watching the deep colours of the sea and land surrounding me, but I guess it works for my native and adoptive countries' colours too !  🙏💚💙

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