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Yoga supplies

How to order

Get in touch with me - if there are a few people interested, I can put an order via the wholesale site at the best discount, and we can share the shipping costs. 

Or order directly from Ekotex using coupon code GREENBLUEYOGA to get 10% discount.

Partnering with Ekotex Yoga

Since starting up Green Blue Yoga, I have gone through quite a few yoga mats. Initially, as a small start-up business, I am afraid to say I had to keep expenses down and the first yoga mats I bought were cheap - and also made of non-recyclable material. After a couple of years of use, they are shedding plastic and I am not sure I will be able to recycle them. 

Then I came across Ekotex - a small yoga supply company, based in the UK - who really emphasize the sustainability of their products, and also keeping the costs down. Two years ago, I bought a first set of natural rubber mats, and organic cotton blankets and straps and they are excellent quality, still going strong, easy to clean and comfortable to use.

With Covid19, it is strongly advisable to use your own mat and props. Here's where to find sustainable ones :)

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